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Together we can make a difference.

Written by Sahaja Yoga Mats That Give Back


Posted on August 27 2018

We don't blog much and maybe we should or maybe when it flows from heart and aligns, we do :)

We had our a test run for our first ever Sahaja Yoga Mats ~ Light Giver Party Video shoot yesterday on the Gold Coast.  It was to thank the Light Givers for helping us make our dream come true, as well as to document it for our upcoming first ever light drop in Mozambique.   

A light drop happens in 500 lots, we buy the lights from our epic socially forward friends Illumination Solar and we donate them to Marine Mega Fauna Foundation, the non-profit we are associated with who give our lights out in Mozambique.  We have reached our first light drop!  So we're pretty excited about it and still can't believe its happening.  So grateful!  Our Founding Light Giver, Judes Yang is headed to Mozambique in October to meet the team, the families, the community and build lifelong heart connections.   We are so pumped!

We still get asked the question what is a Light Giver and we love sharing, so we will share again.  We call everyone who buys a Sahaja Yoga mat, a Light Giver as they give a light. Buy a yoga mat, give a solar light.

Sometimes people think as one person they can't make a difference, we at Sahaja Yoga Mats don't believe that at all.  If you made one person smile today, you have already left them better than when they crossed your path.  One person is all it takes to create the ripple effect of love, giving & kindness. One person is all it takes to spark an idea, one person is all takes to reach out to someone to connect, from there the ripple is already created and likeminded people will gather together.

We value community and our Light Givers are our community, our family and are us, Sahaja at our core.  

When you buy a Sahaja Yoga mat, you aren't just buying a mat.  You are contributing to the betterment of another persons life, you give light; literal and metaphorically. You make an impact in the world with a conscious choice to buy an eco product and together we can make a difference.

The spontaneous love and joy of the photo, was captured by Jude Kalman from Fish Films. She is our talented and inspiring story teller, who is documenting our first light drop so we can share with you.

Much love and light Beauties.