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Our Veterans, Defense Force and Yoga Teachers

At Sahaja Yoga Mats, we are grateful to the veterans, active or non active men and women who selflessly dedicate their lives to to serve and protect the wellbeing of Australians and all humanity around the world.  

As our way to say thank you, we offer 15% off to DVA or White Card holders.  Please send an email to for your personalized discount code.

As Sahaja Yoga Mats was created by a yogi for yogis, we understand that teaching yoga isn't about financial reward. Teaching is a rewarding way to be of service, to be able to hold space for people who are on their yoga journey and we also offer yoga teachers $10off their first order.  We teach because it is our calling, a love or like our Founding Light Giver, her Dharma.  

Please send us an email to with links to your social media accounts, as well as your current teaching schedule.

Sahaja Luxury Yoga Mats, Peace and Love.


Surround yourself with love.  Protect your heart with peace. Live your life in light. ~ Alex Elle