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Our Light Giving Program

Sahaja Yoga Mats Light Giving Program, isn't just to bring actual lighting into peoples lives, it is to also inspire and light peoples live up from a place of love, joy and kindness. 
When it comes to nightfall, for majority of people it is easy.  A flick of a switch here and there, there is light.  Something we can easily take for granted and not give a second thought too. For many when the sun sets around the world they live without power and it means either darkness or a low glow from a candle or kerosene light.  Kerosene is a fire hazard, expensive, harmful for the environment, as well as for the  families who burn it.  The poor lighting also has an impact on the families health and education.

 Having light can mean the difference to a child being able to read and write. It can impact their eduction and can vastly improve future work opportunities.  Having clean energy also means a healthy home environment and using renewable energy means, families will have more disposable income that they can spend on school, health and food.  But it also means we help reduce some of our footprints on mother earth.

Sahaja Yoga Mats, purchase the Solar Lights from another Australia company, Illumination Solar.  They manufacture the Mandarin 2 solar lights and Illumination's vision is to,  "help improve health, wealth and education of people who live without power."  And with YOU light giver, we can make that difference!
For every yoga mat we sell, we give a solar light, which means YOU are making a difference in another persons life, all the while getting your Chattarunga or Om on.
Sahaja's goal is to light up 108 Million Lives and with YOU, we can. 


Light itself is a great corrective. A thousand wrongs and abuses that are grown in darkness disappear, like owls and bats, before the light of day.     James A. Garfield