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December, our months of firsts.

Written by Sahaja Yoga Mats That Give Back


Posted on December 19 2017

December, one of our favourite times of the year.  When the feeling, Bhava, in the air is so much light and joy, you can feel it in your heart and skin.  It was also a wonderful month filled with milestones, 1st Pop-up store, 1st 12 days of giveaways, 1st small business collaboration and now 1st blog sharing.

It is also our first holiday season and we asked our beautiful friend and sacred sister, Amanda Parker, Founder of Mayella Organics to join us in a pop-up at Miami Marketta on the Gold Coast and to be part of a 12 days of giveaway.  Well, actually we had been speaking way back in July about doing a  joint promotion, Sahaja Yoga Mats and Mayella together, and it finally did in our 12 day giveaway.

Miami Marketta Pop-up

We, Sahaja Yoga Mats and Mayella Organics, didn't want our giveaway to be just another giveaway or about about gaining followers and brand awareness, we wanted to inspire people and to create the ripple effect that giving, love and kindness have. To bring people together in unity. So we decided to ask people to tag someone they would like to give their winnings to and share in the comments, how come acts of giving is important to them.

The responses we're moving and heartfelt.  Our giveaway started like a gentle wave lapping on the shore, a few comments here and there.  We gave away one item a time, rotating between Sahaja Yoga Mats and Sahaja Tanks to Mayella Organic teas and greens.  Then we doubled up and started to give away two of each switching the products around until our final day big one, where the winner received all four times; a pack which consisted of a 4.4mm Sahaja Yoga Mat, Sahaja Tank, Mayella Organic tea and Alkalizing greens.

What started for some people as a little fun, tagging each other and sharing beautiful sentiments back and forth, grew into loving tsunami wave that rippled through our community and we honestly believe it raised the vibration within our community and all who took part.  Amanda and I weren't expecting the giveaway to effect us on such a profound level.

We read each comment, we were a part of the banter between sisters, lovers, friends, mothers, daughters and we are thankful to have been able to witness all that love. As well as to share in all the joy!  

The whole experience was magical.  On the last day of our pop-up we made little gift bags to give to people who wanted to sign up to our mailing list.  Inside the little canvas bags were some stickers, discount vouchers and a rose quartz.  The last person who signed onto our mailing list laughed when she looked in the bag, as she had just that day gifted her friend a rose quartz.  We are so blessed, as we were a part of so many little synchronistic stories like that.

The hardest thing we found about the whole giveaway, was choosing a winner each day.  The set up of the pop-up shop and creating the social media daily posts, were way easier then picking a winner. lol.  But it was so worth it.  Choosing our day 12 winner was the hardest and it ended up in a deadlock, a tie.  So we phoned a friend, well texted and she was the swaying vote.  

The gift of this share is the beautiful being who won the major prize on day 12, decided to gift her Sahaja yoga mat to the person who she tied with.  When we received the message, we had to reply to confirm what we were actually reading lol.  It was so generous and thoughtful.  One stranger, gifting to another.  Wahe!  We have laughed, that this is the gift that never stops giving.

 With deep gratitude, from our hearts to your hearts, we thank you for the last 12 days, as we feel we are the ones who received the most. Thank you.

Much love and light,

Judes and Amanda.