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Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala
Planetary Mala

Planetary Mala



Our custom-made Planetary Mala with Ek Mukhi 1 face half moon Rudraksha

Our handmade Planetary Malas were created with thought and care to tap into and harmonise all the planets in the wearer's birth chart and connected Vedic Astrology and the 9 planets. It is believed to bring whoever wears it good health and peace, whilst strengthening the positive energies of the planets. Our Planetary Mala can be worn by anyone regardless of their Zodiac signs.

This is kriya mala for japa, mantra chanting, practice and each spacer stone (crystal) is representative of a planet including the larger meru bead.

What makes our Planetary Malas unique is the Ek mukhi or 1 face rudraksha held within a gorgeous sterling silver OM casing. This mukhi is said to govern all the planets and strongly connected to the Sun, they say it enlightens the Super conscious. Aids in clarity and focus, great for meditation or japa practices and one of the best Rudrakshas for spiritual practices.

Benefits of wearing the Ek Mukhi 1 face Rudraksha supports Crown chakra, brings a sense of calm and a tool to help reduce stress.

What each crystal spacer stone represents:

  • Red Garnet: Represents the Sun
  • Pearl: Represents the Moon
  • Red Coral: Represents planet Mars
  • Green Jade: Represent planet Mercury
  • Citrine: Represents planet Jupiter
  • Amethyst: Represents planet Saturn
  • Clear Quartz: Represents planet Venus
  • Tiger Eye: Represents Rahu (North Node)
  • Cats Eye: Represents Ketu (South Node)

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