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PRE-LOVED: Eco Cork Blocks
PRE-LOVED: Eco Cork Blocks
PRE-LOVED: Eco Cork Blocks

PRE-LOVED: Eco Cork Blocks

$22.00 $35.00

In our effort to be as eco-friendly as possible and minimise waste, we are selling our Pre-Loved Cork Blocks. All are in excellent condition, many have never even been used.

These unique shaped blocks are easy to maneuver during practice with their different angles. They are printed with Yin and Yang, a timeless symbol and the logo of Sahaja Yoga Mats.

They are eco-friendly yoga blocks, made from cork that was leftover from making wine corks and other cork products and compacted into the block shape.

Please note that they do have numbering on them (see images for reference) and the initials SOS on the bottom. Returns and exchanges are not available on these items.  Limited stock only, don't miss out!

* ALL Sahaja Yoga Mats products are all original artwork, Limited Edition and created from the heart with love.  As a certified B corporation since 2019, we are committed to giving back with each sale to contribute to the betterment of all beings and light up lives, with your help we can.

Please read our shipping and return policy here.

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