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The Sanskrit word, Jyoti means Light, Ish means Divine or Sacred, together they create Jyotish (pronounced jo-teesh) meaning the Light of the Divine or the Science of Light. The illumination that flows through the sacred, us, YOU! Jyotish is also known as Vedic Astrology and is the continuation of the Yog Vedantic teachings which are all interconnected. Vedic Astrology is phenomenally complex and is considered a sacred science, a spiritual science to move us towards unity and a science that sheds light on the fruits of past actions and reveals the potential of your being. Jyotish can serve as a guiding light in your life and ultimately light the way out of the illusory world of forms and back to the Divine.

We offer Sattva Jyotish, like we offer all our classes, as another yogic technology that is integrated. Have you ever wondered why some times you feel charged an energised to take life by the horns and other times you feel time for solitude to recharge? That can all be seen in your chart. Your chart shows your cosmic journey & your potential.

We currently offer the following readings and support:

Natal (Birth) Chart analysis | Current planetary rulers (Dashas) | Returning Clients - current Transits which house they effect & how to support them | Gemstones or practices recommended based on your birth chart | 6 week support program after your Jyotish reading, additional charge.

If you like to know more about your cosmic journey as well as received practices that will support you in these times or in the need of the hour, we would be honoured to guide you and support you on this journey.

60 Minute detailed reading of your birth/natal chart analysis, learn about your Sun Sign, your Moon sign, Nakshatras as well as yogic practices & suggestions from the tog-vedantic lineage to support you during this time.


  • A live online 60 minute comprehensive reading on your birth/natal chart or the The current Dasha, ruling planet or current transits. Please advise when you book in.

  • Learn what your Ascendent, Sun Sign and Moon sign are, as well as the Nakshatras (lunar constellation) includes a 15 minute follow up 21 days after reading.

  • Learn what Breathwork, pranayama, mantras, movement practices that can support you in the current time


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