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MerKaBa Resident Yoga Mat
MerKaBa Resident Yoga Mat
MerKaBa Resident Yoga Mat

MerKaBa Resident Yoga Mat


The MerKaBa is one of the most meaningful solids. It is ancient and said to aid in our spiritual transformation. 

  • Mer - Light
  • Ka - Spirit or Astral Self
  • Ba - Body or Physical Self

The Sahaja MerKaBa yoga mat represents the connection between the Sun, the Earth and the deepest consciousness of our soul. Some say the MerKaBa is also a geometrical shaped vehicle that allows us to travel between dimensions.  This original artwork represents a constant energetic expansion from the MerKaBa center and the dark line in the middle represents the path the vehicle follow (or the energy flow), which is the alignment support on this design.  Sacred texts say the MerKaBa surrounds beings with energy spirals and one's personal Divine spark can awaken.

    • Printed Yoga Mat & Towel in one
    • All designs are alignment cues to aid in practice
    • Biodegradable natural tree rubber
    • Micro-fibre towel top made from recycled plastics
    • Printed with water based ink 
    • Sahaja Yoga Mats are free from phthalates, silicone, toxic glue or PVC, Non-Toxic
    • Anti slip backing
    • Carry strap included
    • 1830mm * 610mm * 4.5mm * 1.2mm

* ALL Sahaja Printed Yoga Mats are all original artwork, Limited Edition and created from the heart with love .  As a certified B corporation since 2019, we are committed to giving back with each sale to contribute to the betterment of all beings and light up lives, with your help we can.

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