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Fullmoon Fire Ceremony (Yagya)
Fullmoon Fire Ceremony (Yagya)

Fullmoon Fire Ceremony (Yagya)


Yagya or Havan is a sacred Vedic fire ceremony and has been used from time immemorial to invoke the Shakti of Agni (fire) to purify, to destroy and to transmute. Yagyas are a beautiful sattvic ritual to experience.

Come join us for monthly full moon fire havans to celebrate each full moon and to tap into our own inner Shakti. 

We will incorporate a Breathwork/pranayama practice based on where the current fullmoon is placed based on Vedic astrology.  We will be chanting sacred mantras, making fire offerings and have a sublime sound bath, with freshly brewed chai at end to ground and community chats to connect at the end.  

Wednesday August 30th, 6pm

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