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Free Monthly Meditations

We started 2022 with the group from 2021 retreat on a 21 day meditation practice, meeting online at 630am each day for 21 days and it inspired Judes to offer free monthly meditations for the rest of 2022 to support others. As the only certified B Corporation on the Gold Coast, Judes is committed to two of her values of giving back and building communities.

This is a beautiful opportunity for those who have never meditated before and would like to start to join and be supported by regular mediators as well as new meditators. Meditation isn’t about the years of practice, is it about showing up in the now. Practice is about consistency and frequency and practicing 5 days in a row for some people will be challenge and for others breeze, so this is a great non-threatening way to commit to a 8am meditation practice, 5 days in a row.

Those of you who have meditated with Judes at State of Sahaja and initiated into Himalayan meditation, in her yoga classes, or even in 2021 with Yoga Australia know how phenomenal a group meditation can be, the experience, the silence and peace. We will be gathering together once a month for 5 days for 20 minute meditations at 8am during the first week of the month from Monday to Friday over Zoom online. Judes will be leading each meditation and they will be guided meditation practices all from the Maha Himalayas, the Great Himalayas; the source of all yogic teachings and wisdom.

When a collective group of like minded people join together, it is a powerful shift and alignment. We not only get to sit with ourselves and reconnect with our higher self and tap into the unlimited potential and hear insights; we also as a group get to tap into a collective consciousness, collective awareness which not only deepens our practice and experience, but we also get to contribute to the energetic betterment of our world and planet Earth.

  1. March 7th - 11th | 8am - 820am AEST
  2. April 4th -8th | 8am - 820am AEST
  3. May 2nd - 6th | 8am - 820am AEST
  4. June 6th - 10th | 8am - 820am AEST
  5. July 4th - 8th | 8am - 820am AEST

It’s never to late to start create a new habit or implement positive change into your life. Come join us for these free monthly meditations and reconnect with your body, mind and spirit. Check the class times for your your country.