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Elements in Jyotish, Vedic Astrology

There are four elements in Vedic astrology of Fire, Water, Earth and Air assigned to the 12 signs of the Zodiac as well as the 9 planets. Each sign encompasses unique energy and qualities. A simple explanation is to think of the 12 signs as fixed points in the sky that we see in the evening above us as constellations. The planets are celestial bodies that are in constant movement and are powered by the signs.

Knowing about the elements or what our signs represent helps us to understand our own self, our own true nature. 

Fire Element

Fire is an element that can be seen and felt. Fire energy is quick and the energy of creation, confidence and fierceness. Fire can also be impulsive, fiery, easily ignited which can create challenges for individuals who fall under the fire element. They are also devotional and are always ready to take action. Fire signs are passionate, optimistic and driven by their passion rather than emotions. Fire purifies, is transformative as well as cleansing. The signs that fall under fire are: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.

Aries’s Fire makes a person more like a soldier or protector as Aries is ruled by Mars. So this fire can be more aggressive, and both very decision and action orientated. They are more courageous and take more risks.

Leo’s Fire is more of leadership and rulership as Leo is ruled by the Sun. A personality to liberate, that is self-confidence, and has willpower to lead others. Leo individuals act like a King/Queen.

Sagittarius’s Fire makes one act more like a teacher as it is ruled by Jupiter. They are brilliant and have the qualities of independence and kindness.

If anyone has a lot of Fire in their Vedic chart, their actions and thoughts will have more qualities of the Fire element.

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Air Element

Air or Vayu is a symbol of change and transformation, like the term the winds of change. The qualities of the Air element are analytical reasoning and strong communication. It is an energy that sweeps through our environment, it brings life into our body through our breath and our breath transforms the air into beautiful music with the flute and any wind instruments. That is the magic of Vayu. Due to Air, Air individuals can sometimes be too much in the head and not the heart. Anyone with a high Vayu Tattva in their charts will have the power to cause/create change in their outer/inner environment. Inwardly, they can work on themselves and on their nature/personality. Life will give them ample opportunity to change. They can also be agents of change for the world, the environment and impact other people’s lives. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius falls under the Air Element.

Gemini’s Air is responsible for quick and decisive action, strong communication and being adaptable to new situations as Gemini is ruled by Mercury. It can also be sudden and unpredictable like a gust of wind blowing through suddenly and quickly.

Libra’s Air is an energy that is balanced, fair and just. Libra’s want everyone to co-exist together in harmony and joy. It is also a wind of change and has the quality of devotion, focus on partnerships, relationships, and acts to please others as well as enjoyment in the pleasures of life, as ruled by Venus.

Aquarius’s Air is transformative both on an internal and external plane to bring considerable change as ruled by Saturn. Internal shifts on the mind expresses itself or shows itself externally on the physical. The qualities of Aquarius is about thinking out of the box, visionaries who can create major changes in this lifetime.

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Earth Element

Earth element individuals are realistic, practical and grounded. They are down to earth Earth signs that live more in the materialistic work and in astrology we call them builders as they prefer to work and do what is needed of them. They are hard workers. They are steadfast and honest. Like the Earth beneath us, Earth signs possess many hidden gifts or talents within them. Like Diamonds in the Earth, it shows up over time and requires physical work to unearth this jewel. The Earth signs’ zodiacs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn.

Taurus’ Earth more of the fixed nature of Earth signs. They are dependable, patient and unmovable. So can be stubborn and desire comfort above all else, which makes this a prosperous sign, like a storehouse of wealth as Taurus is ruled by Venus.

Virgo’s Earth is mutable so adaptable, a dual nature of Earth. Virgo is about service, discernment and are the logical reasoner. They are rational, practical and sensible. The ultimate goal of Virgo is to serve and has no place for emotions. Virgo is ruled by Mercury and can be critical as intellect sees all.

Capricorn is predominantly Earth. It is a place of duty and work. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and the energy here is dedicated and dutiful labour. They are conservative, independent and super hard workers. It is a sign of steadfastness.

If the Earth element dominates your chart it will be all about duty.

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Water Element

Water is another element that can be seen as well as experienced. Water individuals are known for their emotions, are intuitive and they have an understanding that helps them to connect to others on a deeper level. They possess the qualities of empathy, sensitivity and imagination. Water is cleansing, purifies and also symbolises fertility. It is nourishing and feeds the life in our bodies and oceans. Water contains life, life begins in water. Water individuals are adaptable to change, like water in flow. Anyone with a high Water element in their charts will have the power of retention. The three zodiacs that fall under the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Cancer's Water is about nurturing and caring for others. They are more maternal and emotional. This water is more gentle, nourishing and flowing. As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, they will act like a mother.

Scorpio’s Water is more secretive and intense. The seat of transformation and deep knowledge. They can be abrupt and can sting. Scorpio has a warrior energy as both the co-lords are aggressive warriors. They are strategic and fierce as Scorpio is ruled by Mars and also understand life at a deeper and higher level.

Pisces' Water is the place where the river is finally ready to meet the ocean and this is sign is all water. They are adaptable but can also be stubborn. It is the most artistic and empathetic signs. Pisces is the place where balance or equilibrium can be achieved. Fish require breath retention to be able hold themselves in stillness. We breath and we move, so here we are required to breath and be still. The waters of Pisces cleanse and purifies the soul for a higher purpose.

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