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Extra Wide: 4.5mm Resident Yoga Mats
Sahaja Yoga Mats, chakra yoga mat. Beautiful printed yoga mat with the chakras and the tree of life on a yoga mat.
Sahaja Yoga Mats, yoga products that are eco-friendly and gives back with every purchase.
Sahaja yoga mats. Best printed yoga mats all based on scared geometry and are limited edition yoga mats that give back.
Sahaja Yoga Mats a social enterprise created to give back to others. When you buy a yoga mat, Sahaja yoga mats donates a solar light to those in need. Black yoga mat with yellow flower of life.
Sahaja Yoga mats, sacred geometrical designs to aid in alignment during yoga practice. They also give back with every purchase
Extra Wide: 4.5mm Resident Yoga Mats
Sahaja Yoga mats, sacred geometrical designs to aid in alignment during yoga practice.
Extra Wide: 4.5mm Resident Yoga Mats
Extra Wide: 4.5mm Resident Yoga Mats

Extra Wide: 4.5mm Resident Yoga Mats


Sahaja Moon

The Extra Wide Sahaja yoga mat is wider than other yoga mats at 66cm wide. Our usual resident yoga mats are 61cm. Perfect for the yogis with broader shoulders or who simply would like more space during their practice. 

The extra wide yoga mat consists of two colourways from the Sri Yantra II collection, the Yang Yoga mat and our latest Chakra yoga mat.

- - - -

The Sri Yantri contains all forms of sacred geometry and is the meeting points of the upward and downward triangles. Which represents the union of the Divine Masculine & Feminine. Unified and in harmony.

Purple: About transformation, vision, insight and tuned into the chakra note of F#. F note is said to tune into miracle.  

Earth: To ground, connect with mother nature, the environment and to celebrate the Year of the Earth Dog.

The Black Yang Yoga mat represents fierce grace, strong and empowered with the Flower of Life symbols. To reflect perfection, harmony and that all beings are interconnected.  The colour Yellow represents clearing, for balance and is a nourishing and grounding energy. 

The Chakra yoga mat, is mind-blowing and cosmic!  It is inspired from the desire to mix the Tree of Life and the energy body that is best known as the Chakras, the energy centers of the body. 

The Sahaja Moon yoga mat, along with the cycles of the moon also has a beautiful yin yang meaning. One end of the yoga mat is the full moon and on the other end a black moon to represent the new moon.  Not only has the design been created to aid in alignment, now you can practice on the side that aligns with the cycles of moon as well.

    • Yoga Mat & Towel in one
    • All designs are alignment cues to aid in practice
    • Made of natural tree rubber
    • Micro-fibre towel top made from recycled plastic bottles
    • Printed with water based ink 
    • Sahaja Yoga Mats are free from phthalates, silicone, toxic glue or PVC, Non-Toxic
    • Anti slip backing
    • Carry strap included
    • 1830mm * 660mm * 4.5mm
    • Every yoga mat donates a solar light to families in need

* ALL Sahaja Yoga Mats are Limited Edition Prints.  The maximum number of yoga mat per design, per colour, per size is 108.  Some prints might be less.

You can also read about Yoga Mat Care and the benefits of a Resident Mat vs a Travel Yoga Mat.


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