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Scared Rituals & Meditation Initiation

Scared Rituals & Meditation Initiation


Initiation into Himalayan Sacred Rituals of invoking the 5 elements. 

It is a comprehensive & simple technique, which includes breathwork, a kriya and a personal mantra.  When practised for 30 minutes daily it can benefit all aspects of ones life. The mantra are sacred bija sounds that help to focus even the most busiest of minds and induce a state of deep concentration into bliss. We know it has ours! It doesn’t matter how loud your mind is or whether you’ve struggled in the past, this technique is simply and super easy, anyone can learn and practise it.

The benefits one receives from having a consistent & regular meditation practice, is priceless. From improved & better quality of sleep, to calming the nervous system & is a wonderful tool to help manage stress, reduce stress, anxiety and navigate this amazing journey, we call life. Our founder has used this practice to support her PTS and to nourish her own mind health.


Our meditation initiation includes learning a 5 step devotional practice that invokes the 5 elements and mantras from the Vedas to complement your meditation practice. A sacred ritual that is a beautiful way to start the day to access the inner heart before you sit for your daily practice. The meditation initiation is over 3 days for a total of 15 hours and as our gift to you, you will also experience the Bhuta Shuddhi practice to purify the elements.

This is a beautiful way to start the day and have a daily practice or add to a practice you already have.

When: November 17th - 19th 2023 |Friday 6pm - 8pm, Saturday 730am - 330pm, Sunday 1230pm - 5pm

What you will Receive:

  • how to instructions, video guiding each step
  • chant sheet
  • a deeper understanding and appreciation for the elements and a experience a devotional connection to self. 
  • A personal self practice if you don't already have one or one that will enhance and add to your exisiting practice
  • Group weekly meditations together starting Jan 2024.
  • A personally consecrated gift from mother india, from our founder to you.  

Investment in you: $888 

Where: Robina, Gold Coast.

Limited spaces, Judes will only initiating 6ppl. No yoga required, but this is for people who are serious about their own evolution and seeking a deeper experience within themselves and wanting to create a much more aligned experience for 2024.

Bring something from nature to place on our sacred alter as well something from your alter that represents Devi, the source you connect too. 

If you have any questions please email us. 

* Please choose carefully as there are no refunds, transfers or exchanges.

 As a certified B Corporation we give a percentage of profits to local charities as well as through iChange with each purchase. 

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