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Scared Rituals Initiation

Scared Rituals Initiation


Initiation into Himalayan Sacred Rituals of invoking the 5 elements. 

You will learn a practice that our founder personally incorporates into her everyday life, a devotional daily puja practice direct from the Himalayas using Mantras and all the 5 elements of nature.  We will also be Invoking the 5 elements Bhuta shuddhi practice and developing a deeper relationship with Nature through self.

This is a beautiful way to start the day and have a daily practice or add to a practice you already have.



January 21st Saturday 12-6pm with a 30 minute break. a tool you can use to start 2023 off with grace and also if you choose, a 40 day Sadhana. 

What you will Receive:

  • how to instructions, video guiding each step
  • chant sheet
  • a deeper understanding and appreciation for the elements and a experience a devotional connection to self. 
  • A personal self practice if you dont already have one or one that adds to your exisiting practice
  • We Will also have a Private WhatsApp group chat for support/check in during 40 day sadhana.
  • A personally consecrated gift from mother india, from our founder to you.  

Investment in you:

For 6 hours 

$299 Early Bird expires Dec 21st

$399 Late bird 


Where: Private home Paradise Island, Gold Coast.


Limited spaces, Judes will only initiating 9ppl. No yoga required, but this is for people who are serious about their own evolution and seeking a deeper experience within themselves and wanting to create a much more aligned experience for 2023.


Bring something from nature to place on our sacred alter as well something from your alter that represents Devi, the source you connect too. 

If you have any questions please email us.



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