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Our Gold Coast yoga studio opening 19/5/19

1245pm - 2pm Movement Meditation with Delamay Devi ~ Saturday

1245pm - 2pm Movement Meditation with Delamay Devi ~ Saturday


Delamay Devi is a Senior Prana Vinyasa yoga teacher trainer, mentor and creatrix of Devi Designs. She is known internationally for her retreats and trainings that are fueled with inspiration and infectious enthusiasm. A creative powerhouse, Delamay contributes to many online platforms and printed publications such as Elephant Journal, Yogi Times, Australian Yoga Life, Yoga Journal, Zenward and more!

In 2017 Delamay launched the first Prana Vinyasa affiliate Yoga TT program in Australia and is honored to assist her friend and mentor Shiva Rea (the fire keeper of Prana Vinyasa Yoga) internationally for the past decade. She is passionate about sharing movement as medicine and yoga philosophy in sync with the natural cycles of existence.

And we are super excited that Delamay will be running some of her Prana Vinyasa Yoga teacher training modules right here at State of Sahaja.

Movement Meditation is open to all levels, experiences and genders.

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